Matthias Klenk

fugu Matthias 1

Matthias Klenk is a filmmaker from Vancouver, BC. He made his first short film in 1999 on VHS. Since 2008 he has been making films in Germany, Mexico and Vancouver.  Born in Socialist Germany, witnessing the fall of the Iron Curtain and, later, the German anti-tution-fee student movement, both of which shaped his narrative approach. Living over eight years in Guadalajara, Mexico, the country transformed his view on aesthetic, style and storytelling: “As a filmmaker and martial artist, I am not just interested in classic Hollywood storytelling – my focus is on finding my own aesthetic and a rich visual narrative where I can explore the human psychology and its condition. I want to discover why we are able to do extraordinary things when confronted with a big challenge, but also why we can get stuck in our, sometimes, miserable life.”